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Julian Payne

Creative Director, De La Rue, UK

Design excellence of the future

Despite the firm arrival of the digital age, when proving your identity, physical documents still provide the very necessary first-line protection against the ever-more sophisticated threats of counterfeit and fraud.  Document design has certainly evolved over the years in order to meet the ever-changing needs of both individual and the collective. Today, strong design themes, beautiful imagery, and cultural aesthetics are skilfully layered and combined with the latest technologies and innovative security features to ensure the document’s integrity. But that is not all. Document design also needs to be technically sound, optimised for efficient manufacture, and to the required scale, delivered without the compromise of security or trust. And so to tomorrow, what challenges might we face and how will document design further advance? With our security designs currently being used by over two thirds of the world’s nations, we know a thing or two about it. We call it Design Excellence. Join us to examine what we think Design Excellence of the Future will look like.
•    Despite the digital age approaching rapidly, physical documents still provide first-line protection from ever-more sophisticated threats of counterfeit and fraud;
•    Document design has certainly evolved over the years, and today a combination of beautiful imagery and cultural aesthetics are skilfully layered and combined with the latest technologies and innovative security features;
•    We discuss what the future holds for secure document design, and how you can achieve Design Excellence.


Julian Payne is the Creative Director at De La Rue. He leads a team that has designed over 40% of the world’s banknote denominations in circulation today, as well as numerous passports and ID documents, including the UK passport.
With a background and career in product management, Julian brings an understanding of the importance of design to the use, performance, and emotional connection users have with a product. He is also driving an agenda of engagement between the specialisms of security design and the wider design community, forging relationships with leading UK Design Colleges and Design Studios.
Julian has been with De La Rue since 2012, where he held the position of Product Director for Identity and Product Authentication materials, focusing on the provision of digital and manufactured services and products that allow people to travel, as well as protecting global brands from counterfeiters.
He joined De La Rue from Cable & Wireless Communications, the multinational telecommunications operator, where he gained experience in a range of positions, including Head of Carrier Relations, Head of Data Products, Director: New Service Development and latterly CRM Director.
Julian is a graduate of the University of Bristol, where he read Archaeology. Aside from his work at De La Rue, Julian’s inspirations are crafting his own comics, swimming and fencing.



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