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Mario Stoltz

Product Manager, NXP Semiconductors, Germany

Who can flash that ePassport?

Since the first edition of ICAO 9303, ePassport data, as well as their functionality, has always been static once they were in the citizen’s hands. Future ePassports will use chips with Flash memory which, to many people, may sound as if reprogramming will be easier…
We know that updates in the field are being considered by various governments, as a means to fix possible security weaknesses, or to provide functional upgrades. For future LDS2.0 ePassports it is explicitly intended that data is written to them in the field. We can assume that where there is use, there will be abuse.
In the mid-term future, we are hearing from many sources that travel and identity documents may be complemented by virtualized twins or even replacements. If my travel document is loaded on my smartphone, how can my data be protected?
This presentation will look at the common threads through all these changes. What do they mean for governments, document holders, inspection officers, and for fraudsters? Can someone 'flash' that ePassport – i.e. change its memory content and change its content or its function?
•    Ever since they have existed, ePassport content has always been static (no change allowed);
•    New technology and new specifications are changing this – travel documents will be updated in the field;
•    How can citizen data and functional integrity be protected in this changing environment?


Mario Stoltz is a Product Manager at NXP Semiconductors. His position is within the Secure Identification Solutions business line of NXP’s business line Secure Transactions and Identification. He graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. (MS EE) from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, in 1997. He joined NXP in 2007, and has been engaged with secure microprocessors in the 10 years since. Overall, Mario has been in the semiconductor industry for 20 years. He regularly represents NXP at industry conferences and events, and supports NXP's participation in public research projects.

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