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Wayne Fletcher

Global Director, Government Solutions, Entrust Datacard, USA

SDW Fishbowl – Bringing mobile ID platforms to life – Practical considerations

Extending physical citizen ID programmes to the mobile domain will revolutionise how people interact with just about everything: from accessing government services and entitlements to crossing borders, banking and beyond. Yet, the alluring promise of ubiquitous access and enhanced convenience is not without its challenges; particularly in the areas of regulatory reform, effective design, security and privacy.
This track explores the opportunities, trends and challenges along that path towards a safe, secure future with mobile citizen ID.

Wayne Fletcher is Global Director Government Solutions at Entrust Datacard, driving business growth through competitive solutions that enhance the security and efficiency of government identification programs. He passionately believes in market-driven technology that facilitates the adoption of trusted convenient credentialing applications. Wayne has significant marketing and business development leadership within high-technology semiconductor and software application markets, with several years’ experience in the secure identification market, smart card technologies and PKI applications. Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Physical Electronics from Northumbria University.


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