Sessions » DocEx Government Only Sessions Part Two

DocEx Government Only Session 2

Mountbatten Room
Wednesday 27 June

One of the most popular conference sessions at SDW, the DocEx Knowledge Exchange is designed for secure document designers, examination experts and issuance authorities from around the world. In this private government-only setting, attendees are able to explore some of the challenges they face, understand new global document fraud trends, and share their experiences in a supportive environment.

Shaun Annis, Chief Immigration Officer, National Document Fraud Unit, UK

Factfinding to Mogadishu and Nairobi - The issuing procedures of the Somali passport and breeder documents

Victoria Miller, Specialist Document Examiner, Norwegian ID Centre, Norway

The Norwegian ID Centre has recently conducted a fact-finding trip to Somalia and Kenya. The purpose was to find out more about the issuing procedures and application process of Somali identity documents. This presentation will share the results of our findings.

  • Issuing procedures of the Somali passport in Mogadishu;
  • Issuing procedures of documents from the Banadir region;
  • Issuing procedures of birth certificates, temporary travel documents and passports at the Somali Embassy in Nairobi.


From 1918 to the present day: Evolution of Italian identity documents and counterfeiting
Marco Boscolo, Istruttore Capo, Venice Municipal Police– Scientific and Technological Investigation Unit, Italy

The evolution of Italian identity documents from 1918 to the present day – the security features and cases of fraud.

•    Research;
•    Training;
•    Higher disclosure and exchange of information.


Frontex added value in identity and document fraud
Carlos Gavira and Umberto Sisolfi, Advanced/Specialist Level Document Experts, Centre of Excellence for Combatting Document Fraud, FRONTEX, Poland

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