Sessions » PANEL: Border control – Unlocking the power of identity data

PANEL: Border control – Unlocking the power of identity data

Mountbatten Room
Tuesday 26 June

Governments need data for national security and immigration procedures.  Today, many governments require Advance Passenger Information (API), essentially the data contained in a traveller’s passport or identity card.  And a growing number of governments also require Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, essentially the data contained in a traveller’s booking, to perform risk-assessments and identify patterns of behaviour relating to terrorism and organized crime.  In the past decade, governments in all regions of the world have implemented automated border control systems (aka “e-Passport Gates”) which quickly and reliably process each traveller by verifying their biometric data. 

Against this backdrop, governments also need to comply with international mandates, including UN Security Council Resolutions 2178, 2368 and 2396; and, in the case of Europe, EU Council Directives 2004/82/EC (Advance Passenger Information) and 2016/681/EC (Passenger Name Records).  At the national level, each government has its own unique security and immigration requirements aimed at determining who does (and who does not) have the right to enter the country and what additional information (e.g. visas) certain cohorts of travellers need to be deemed eligible to travel.

Given the significant challenges these issues pose, this panel will examine how government and industry can work together to unlock the power of identity data and deliver benefits in terms of security, convenience, cost and privacy. 

Panel chair:
Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ, UK


Tony Smith, Director General, International Border Management & Technologies Association (IBMATA), former Director General, UK Border Force, UK

Ray Batt, Director, Border Security Programmes Europe, Unisys, UK

Guido Peetermans, Head, Passenger Security, IATA

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