Sessions » The BODEGA project – PART 1

The BODEGA project – PART 1

Knowledge Theatre, 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall
Tuesday 26, June


End user needs and requirements for future smarter borders
Veikko Ikonen, Senior Scientist in the Humans and System,VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Dr. Christine Megard, Human Factors Specialist, CEA LIST, France
Virginie Papillault, Senior Advisor - Organisational and Human Factors, UIC, France

This session will be a presentation of human factor needs and requirements (e.g. cognitive, organisational, physical) facing border control operators in current and future border control systems, based on field studies conducted at several air, sea and land border-crossing points.


Optimising the tandem between document inspection systems and humans
Franz Daubner, Research Engineer and Project Manager, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

It is already known that the human factor in document scanning is large. Differences of the performance of border guards checking documents have been reported by Frontex. If operating with machines, it was noticed that the performance of the machines in tandem with human operators was sometimes worse than the performance of the machines alone. This indicates that the machines have difficulty communicating their capabilities and results to the operator in an understandable manner. In this project, we developed a set of recommendations and specifications for the user-interface of document inspections systems. In addition, we have examined mobile devices, and the impact of the smaller form factor on the ability to transport knowledge to the user.

Identity verification with fingerprints
Arndt Bonitz, Research Engineer, AIT, Austria

A short overview about of existing technologies with proposals how these technologies can be best used by personnel involved in the border control process. The focus of this presentation is on novel technologies for contactless fingerprint acquisition for mobile devices, including a demonstration of a prototype for a mobile border control solution.

HMI design for mobile border control solutions
Arndt Bonitz, Research Engineer, AIT, Austria

This presentation will give an insight into what handling problems might arise when a passenger is at a border control point, focusing on mobile scenarios. It will differentiate the main working modes of classification and propose possible improvements regarding the control process and technologies in operation. During the presentation, a novel user interface on a dedicated mobile hardware for a border control solution will be presented.

Enhancing the border control process with video-based technologies
Andreas Kriechbaum-Zabini, Senior Engineer, AIT, Austria

This presentation will elaborate possible enhancements for the border control process when using video-based technologies and will give an overview of state-of-the-art  video-based technologies. Furthermore, video analytics algorithms developed by AIT will be presented, including experiences made in the field.

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