Exhibition overview

Exhibition Overview

SDW 2018 is one of the advanced security document industry´s best opportunities to demonstrate products and services to a highly qualified visitor audience from around the world.

With an anticipated attendance of 2,000, and more than 150 exhibitors for 2018, it is one of the largest events of its kind worldwide. The exhibition will be held on floors 3 and 5.

The exhibition is free to visit and includes access to a series of free seminar sessions within the exhibition hall.

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Technologies on display

alt Security Documents

The security document element of SDW 2018 will provide a comprehensive showcase of products and services used in the manufacture and supply of passports, visas, national ID cards, drivers´ licences, contactless paper tickets, RFID smart paper labels and other commercial security documents.

alt Advanced Identity Technologies
The Advanced Identity element of the exhibition will see representation from companies demonstrating products and services (incorporating biometric, smart card and RFID technologies) for the manufacture and supply of registered traveller systems, biometric and data enrolment products, employee identity cards, AFIS and mobile biometric devices and surveillance systems. Plus identity management software and infrastructure to handle identity-based transactions.

alt Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies
Technology that can be used to prevent and detect document anti-counterfeiting will be a special focus at this year´s exhibition. From specialized security inks and digital watermarking to holograms and kinetic gratings, the exhibition will display the latest and best technologies the market has to offer.


Location and Venue

SDW 2018  will again take place in central London´s most prestigious, dedicated conference and exhibition venue - the QEII Centre.

Situated in the very heart of Westminster, the award-winning Centre is a prime purpose-built venue in the shadow of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

The QEII Centre has been designed not only to provide the finest facilities but also to create the perfect environment for a successful and productive event.


Opening hours*

  Tuesday 26 June 2018

Exhibition – 9:15am – 6:30pm

alt Wednesday 27 June 2018
Exhibition – 9:15am – 3:30pm

*Exact times are subject to change.



The SDW 2018 Exhibition is free to visit or, to access conference sessions on all three days of the event, you can buy a conference pass.



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